Alcoa Peel Volunteer of the Year Awards

2016 Awards

Thank a Volunteer Day

Volunteer of the Year Awards

Breakfast at Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club 

Phillip Rance

Volunteer of the Year – Phillip Rance

Phil is the Deputy Manager of the Mandurah SES. He has given over 30 years of voluntary service to the SES and has been on call 24/7 to respond to emergency situation in Peel District and state wide. He also provides leadership and guidance in his role in the SES peer support program with over 25 years of service. Phil’s strong work ethic and dedication has him working long hours completing his duties in this regard. He is also a senior instructor in Map and Navigation, 4×4 off road training and ATU training. He looks after 83 Mandurah SES volunteers and provides courses to other SES units throughout the state. Phil’s professionalism inspires others to give there all in volunteering in the emergency services. He is an outstanding role model paving the way for others to follow. Phil’s confident, calm manner and compassion for others in his Peer support role has touched the lives of many SES volunteers and people who have been affected by natural hazard emergencies. He has personally trained many volunteers in the skills necessary to carry out their duties in a safe manner and provided wise counselling after these events. Phil’s skills and experience have enabled the Mandurah SES to grow and develop into one of the biggest units in the state. He has made the Peel community a safer place to live and made sure there is an emergency response which is quick and efficient when things go wrong.

Phil has worked tirelessly for the volunteer SES units in Mandurah and Pinjarra. He has trained and looked after the welfare of other volunteers for over 30 years. He has held volunteer positions on many committees including the Local Emergency Management Team, Road Wise and SES Peer support. He has been heavily involved with the design and construction of the new SES facility in Mandurah.

Youth Volunteer of the Year – Darcy Elms

Darcy’s first ventures into the world of volunteering came when he was a young scout; fundraising for various causes as well as setting up and cleaning up after the fundraising events. When he was old enough, he volunteered with the local Volunteer Fire Brigade and underwent all of the fire fighting and life-saving training required to be a volunteer with that organisation. He has assisted with many fires but recently, Darcy has spent a significant amount of days helping with the Yarloop fires as well as the bush fires in and around Dwellingup. He has been a big part of the ‘mop up’ after the fires have occurred – cleaning away debris and trees etc. left behind. He also helps out with storm damage clean up, helping clear trees and branches from roads etc. Darcy is currently helping to raise funds for National Red Balloon Day.

Darcy seeks out opportunities to help others and is always polite and considerate when he does help those in need. In 2015 as a Year 12 student, Darcy was awarded the Lon Tan Teamwork and Leadership Award (Defence Force Award) for displaying excellent leadership qualities. Darcy has developed excellent leadership skills through his time spent serving on the School Council. (Pinjarra Senior High School) He was a member of the Alcoa Community Consultation Group made up of members of the local community, Alcoa staff including their CEO, Pinjarra Senior High School staff and a fellow classmate.

At Darcy’s Graduation from Year 12, he was also presented with Top Student in Certificate II Automotive as well as Certificate II in Engineering. He also received the Galloway’s Vocational Award as well as the School Board Canteen Services Award.

Darcy is an impressive young man on all accounts, a fantastic mentor and voice for young people, with drive and passion to support his local community.

Darcy Elms

Annette Mason

Sports & Recreation Volunteer of the Year – Annette Mason

Annette Mason has been a stalwart for Waroona Amateur Basketball Association Inc. (WABA) for nearly forty years! She is held in the highest respects by adults and children alike, as a player, umpire and very active committee member. In this time, she has held many roles and positions, including President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Country Championships Coordinator, Uniform Coordinator, Umpire, Umpire Coordinator, KidSport Officer, team manager, scorer and anything else that was required. Annette was awarded a Life Membership in 2010.

Through her involvement with WABA, and with her desire to provide as many people as possible with the same opportunities, regardless of age, ability or background, Annette created the KidSport Officer position in a number of local sporting clubs, which she still currently holds. Annette is a well-recognised and well respected volunteer not only in the Waroona community, but also the greater Peel region. She has been involved in a number of projects, initiatives, events and organisations across many parts of the Peel region. Annette also volunteers with Waroona Netball Association. Annette played netball from 1972 to 2010, and has held (and continues to hold) a number of committee roles for over 30 years! This September was awarded Life Membership of South West Region Netball.

Annette also assists a number of other community groups and individuals.

Meals on Wheels

Annette first became involved in the mid- Eighties, assisting her mother, and inherited the role of Chairperson when her mother’s help declined. Meals on Wheels is not funded so the local people who run it are responsible for not only delivery but it’s economic viability. Annette has been on the Executive Committee for over 20 years, as well as still taking her turn to do deliveries!


Annette also spent many years on the School Council and though she has no children in attendance, still holds a key role liaising with the Principal on matters such as gaining Independent Status and recruitment.

Quambie Park/ Community Car

She also sells Chocolate Fundraising parcels, donating funds to both Quambie Park and Community Car project – she does these with a degree of anonymity and without fanfare.

Waroona Nursing Mothers

She formed Waroona Nursing Mothers in 1986 and assisted new mothers through that forum for about 6 years.

Special Recognition Award – Raalin Wheeler

Raalin Wheeler is an asset to the local community, a quiet achiever who has committed countless voluntary hours over many years, managing and maintaining Wheeler Field and keeping the communities of Murray, Waroona, Harvey and Mandurah safe.

Raalin who has a background in engineering and aviation started to put plans in place to build his own airfield. A close friend, who was also a pilot from the air wing division of the forestry department, raised the need for a suitable Fire Bomber Forward Airbase between Perth and Bunbury to be truly effective during fire emergency situations. With this knowledge and his background in engineering and aviation, Raalin set about achieving this.

‘Wheeler Field’ was designed with the role of being a Forward Fire Base, developed and constructed, with the purpose of assisting the community during fire emergencies. It is now one of the State’s best emergency fuelling and water locations. The time, commitment and financial contribution that Raalin put towards designing and constructing ‘Wheeler Field’ demonstrated a truly innovative way to achieve greatness beyond what was expected of him.

Through his ongoing personal financial commitment, ensuring there are adequately trained volunteers recruited to man the airstrip, activating the field during fire emergencies and road trauma and coordinating training at the field, Raalin has given the community countless volunteer hours, demonstrating a level of commitment well beyond what is expected of him.

Wheeler Field played a critical part in supporting firefighting efforts for the devastating Yarloop Bushfires earlier this year which resulted in two people losing their lives. During the 2016 fire, ‘Wheeler Field’ catered for 30 movements a day with a seven-and-a-half-minute turnaround. There were 440 movements at ‘Wheeler Field’ between Christmas and 12 February 2016. The forethought, vision and personal commitment of Raalin has saved countless homes, properties, lives and livestock throughout the Peel and Southwest region.

Raalin Wheeler